Why Choose Riviera Come True ?

Are you looking for a private tour through the French Riviera and Monaco? Do you want your tour to be completely private and customized to your destinations and time frame? At Riviera Come True, that is exactly what you get.

With a dedication to providing quality, custom tours throughout the region, Riviera Come True is quickly becoming one of the premier choices for tours in the French Riviera.

Here are a few reasons you should choose us when booking your French Riviera Tour:

Like What You See? That’s What You Get!

Unlike other tour companies that showcase photos of unexisting locations on the Riviera or photos that they did not take, all of the images of our tours were taken by Sasha D, founder and main tour leader of Riviera Come True, who’s also passionate about art and photography. What you see on our website and Instagram @rivieracometrue are the actual locations that you will be visiting on your tour.

Dedication To Quality Tours

When you book a tour with Riviera Come True, you are guaranteed to have a great experience. We are passionate about providing quality tours for each of our clients and we take every step we can to ensure you receive an unforgettable tour. Choosing your destinations, starting and ending points, and the schedule is all you have to do; we take care of everything else.

Each of the tours we offer is designed to give you a luxurious experience throughout. Our tours are conducted with the latest top-of-the-line Mercedes V-Class vans to ensure you and your guests are always safe and always comfortable.

Completely Private, Customized Tours

Public tours make it impossible to truly enjoy the French Riviera region. That’s why we exclusively offer private tours. With private tours, you never have to worry about traveling with people you don’t know, you have one-on-one time with your tour guide, and you can travel on your own schedule at your own pace.

While we do have itineraries that you can choose from, it is important to note that we offer completely customized tour options.

If you need to shorten a tour, prefer to create a longer tour, or have any of our options reorganized to suit your needs, we can take care of it. We are extremely flexible with our tours, allowing us to give you an unforgettable, unique experience.

Experience, Professional Guides

One of the most important aspects of any tour is your guide. At Riviera Come True, we only use professional, fluent, experienced travel guides who are deeply familiar with the region.

That means you not only have someone who can explain the history and culture of each destination you visit but you have a professional with you that knows when to talk and when to stay unnoticed so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the view.

We have tour guides who fluently speak the following languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish

Family Friendly Tours

Are you traveling with your family? No problem! All of our tours are completely family-friendly. If you are traveling with small children, we can provide safety and booster seats upon request. Our tours can also be adjusted to suit any type of handicap needs.

Always On Time

We understand that your time is important. No matter what time you want to start your tour or what time you have to finish, we do everything possible to ensure that we fit your schedule perfectly. This makes us one of the most popular choices for cruise ship travelers who are on a very strict time schedule.

Complimentary Beverages On Board

In all of our tours, our pricing includes complimentary beverages onboard such as water and soft drinks. If you want to enjoy something special during your trip such as champagne, contact us today and we will work out a custom tour for your needs.

Licensed and Insured

Safety is something that we take very seriously. We offer multi-risk insurance contracts with all of our tours while you are inside the vehicle, protecting you no matter the situation. All of our tour guides have valid licenses and documentation for providing tours and driving throughout the region.

Contact Us Today

If you would like the ultimate French Riviera tour experience, you do not need to look any further. Completely customized to fit your schedule and needs, Riviera Come True is the ultimate luxury tour provider in the region.

Browse through our selection of pre-made itineraries and contact us today to make a reservation. Don’t forget, you can change any of the tours we have listed to suit your needs!

Looking for special services? In addition to quality tour services, we can also arrange professional photography services for your tour, helicopter tours or transfers, multi-day tours, restaurant reservations, and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let our expert tour guides create a tour to perfectly fit your needs.

Who is Sasha D ?

Dear guests, Bienvenue sur la Côte d’Azur (Welcome to the French Riviera)

My name is Sasha D, I have been working for 10 years as a tour guide on the French Riviera for many different companies, 2 years ago I started my own company Riviera Come True to only provide luxury and custom tours because I strongly believe that every tour should be different and unique just like you are.

When people think of the French Riviera, the coastal cities of Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, and Monte-Carlo come to mind. While those are absolutely must-see locations, let me show you Riviera’s hidden gems like Gourdon, Verdon Canyon, Eze, Saint Paul de Vence, Peille, Sainte Agnès and the Italian Riviera and much more. Entirely tailored to your interests and needs, we can stop at any place you wish and do whatever you want (As long as it’s legal. .. We can improvise a picnic in a stunning place away from the crowd, go to a spectacular vista point to take stunning photographs ( i am also a professional photographer), or even stop to take a swim in the blue Mediterranean, it’s your tour. While I do have itineraries and tours that you can choose from, it is important to note that I offer completely customized tour options, tours can always be modified if you wish

Whether you are interested in ART, SCENERY, HISTORY, LOCAL CUISINE, NATURE, PERFUME, WINE TASTING, ARCHITECTURE, SHOPPING, PHOTOGRAPHY, SPORTS, CINEMA or FORMULA ONE – or any other interest you may have concerning the areas I tour – you can trust me to give you the best experience as you discover the Riviera.

Each of the tours I offer is designed to give you a luxurious experience throughout. Tours are conducted with the latest top-of-the-line 8-seater Mercedes V-Class van to ensure you are always safe and always comfortable.

My experience and knowledge of the Riviera comes from my genuine affection and love for it and what I love the most is sharing it with people like you!