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The Verdon Grand Canyon Tour

The Longest, Most Spectacular Tour That We Offer – You Do Not Want To Miss This

  • Availability: Daily
  • Starting Location: Any location or port of call on the French Riviera
  • Duration: Aproximately 10 Hours
  • Maximum Capacity: 8 People
  • Departure Time: We Can Depart On Your Schedule but 8 AM Is Recommended

Many of the tours that we offer are built around exploring the beautiful coastal areas of the French Riviera. With our full day Verdon Grand Canyon tour, however, things are a little different. With this tour, you will travel high into the hinterlands of France to discover unbelievable views, see the Verdon Canyon and Verdon River, and eventually visit one of the most beautiful villages in Europe, Moustiers Sainte Marie. This incredible journey is the longest tour that we offer but it is an unforgettable experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.  

Travel Through The Alps

Our journey will begin as you ride in a luxury Mercedes van into the Alps. Following the journey of Napoleon Bonaparte, we will first drive through the city of Grasse, known as the capital of perfume. Beyond Grasse, we will continue to climb in elevation as we ascend the Alps. Through the stunning landscapes, we will leave the Maritime Alps and enter a new region of France that is known as Les-Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. At this elevation, the landscape begins to completely change and is unlike anything you will see in the coastal areas of the French Riviera.  

Village Castellane

After taking pictures in the French hinterlands, you will make your first stop in the town of Castellane. At first glance, Castellane is a typical town found throughout Provence. High above the village, however, is the chapel of Notre Dame du Roc, a stunning sight that people travel from all over the world to see. In Castellane, you and your guests can enjoy a nice break and get to know how locals live life in Provence, enjoy a cup of coffee from a local café, and visit Provencal markets if you are making your trip on a Wednesday or Sunday morning.  

Seeing The Verdon Canyon

Once you are finished in Castellane, the trip will continue and you will get your first sight of one of nature’s most magnificent creations, The Verdon River. The name of the Verdon River comes from its stunning emerald color. There are many opportunities to take beautiful photographs of the river as it cuts through the Verdon Canyon 700 meters below. At this elevation, you will even be high enough that local eagles will soar right near you as you admire the canyon. Depending on the time of year, you can even go swimming at the end of the Verdon River where it feeds into the Sainte Croix Lake’s sapphire waters.  

Moustiers Sainte Marie

The final location of this unforgettable trip will be at Moustiers Sainte Marie, officially recognized as one of France’s most beautiful villages and widely regarded by many to be one of the most beautiful towns in all of Europe. Nestled perfectly in the Alps-de-Haute-Provence region, Moustiers Sainte Marie is home to beautiful landscapes, flowers, waterfalls, and other picturesque places like you have never seen before. Relax outdoors and take in the sights before sitting down at one of the small restaurants in the area for classic Provencal cuisine and locally made wine.  

Return Trip

Before returning, we will take a small trip to enter the Le Var region of France where the scenes once again change. In the Le Var region, you will be able to see the beautiful green forests before we reenter the Maritime Alps and return to your accommodation’s location. The Verdon Grand Canyon trip is something that you simply cannot miss. With some of the most breathtaking views, unique natural features, and beautiful villages in the world, book your tour with us to the Verdon Canyon for an idyllic trip today.

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